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21st century, this is a period here you need to keep yourself updated with the world of food making recipes and recipe’s every day.

  • Because it has been said that the person who changes himself according to the time, the same person achieves success later in his life.


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apni rassoi

Jasri, author, and co-founder of Apnirassoi

Hey Guys,

This is JASRI, Co-founder of ace verso blog.

Welcome to APNIRASSOI, we are dedicated to provide you latest food recipes and also provide an information about healthy food. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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This san recipe based website. In this site we will cover all cooking methods. And provide a new cooking methods as soon as fast. It provides you not only Indian cooking recipe. Here we will cover overall world cooking recipes. Thanks to visit my site.

Founder of Apnirassoi recipes Platform


Hey guys, This is Jasri founder of apnirassoi.com



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