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behrouz biryani
Behrouz Biryani making recipe

So today I am going to make Behrouz the Royal Palate Biryani it is very rich and tasty so let’s make it.

So today I went to my mother’s house and today is our family dinner, so I thought I have made something special, so I am going to make this Royal Behrouz palate at the first time.

And I thought to share this with you because its videos are not much on youtube so I have made this special for you.

So let’s start making our Behrouz royal mutton biryani First let me show you all its ingredients.

So we have taken this mutton 1 kg mutton So I have taked this mutton and boiled it by adding 1 big onion, ginger garlic paste, and turmeric, salt.

Behrouz Biryani making recipe steps

And this I have taken big basmati rice, it is 1 kg 250 grm

1Tbsp – Ginger Garlic Paste

And these are dry spices 1TBSP Red chilli powder 1TBSP coriander powder

1/2TSP Turmeric powder 1/2TSP (mixture of spices) GARAM MASALA

250 gm of (curd) – (dahi)

In this we will also use Amul fresh cream, if you do not have that or not available then you can also add fresh cream of your home in it.

2 bay leaves | 2 Cinnamon sticks 15 black pepper | 15 Loung

2 star anise | 6 green cardamom 2 black cardamom

15 to 20 ALMONDS

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Cashew 1tbsp

I have made this 500 grm onion barista, we will grind it (Birista are thin onion slices deep-fried in oil till golden brown and crisp)

And we will make puree of 200 grm tomatoes

2 tbsp mint leaves

5/6 green chilies (we have to make a cuts to !)

2tbsp coriander leaves

First of all we will wash the rice well and leave it for 1 hour to soak. If you don’t have time, then soaking 1/2 will be okay !

I have made this cashew almond paste, so let us now make the masala

So what I have cooked is mutton, I have taken it out in a vessel. or (patila)

Now we will add ginger garlic paste to it and add all the ingredients to it.I have made this by making barista paste, this may also be added to it.

Tomato puree

Cashew and Almond Paste

All dry spices

We will add curd, we have to add curd completely.

Mint leaves , Coriander leaves , green chiliesIn Spices (garam masala) bay leaf we will put in it.

And add a stick of cinnamon too.

One black cardamom3 green cardamom1 start anise.

And half quantity of it black pepper seeds and half quantity of cloves.

Add full cream too !! 1 tbsp2 tsp rose water for making it royal.

Add salt according to ur taste and then mix all the mixture.


(OPTIONAL) If you want to use oil then put oil on the place of butter.

Now we will keep it on the gas for 10 to 15 minutes.

So now I am going to boil rice so I have taken 3/5 liters of water for 1kg 250 grm rice.

The recipe of making behrouz biryani is very simple and in this article i will explain you step by step.

Who is the owner of Behrouz Biryani?

Ans. The owner of Behrouz Biryani is Anuroop Nair.

Which Behrouz Biryani is Best?

Ans. Mutton Biryani.

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