Best Healthy Recipes To Lose Weight| Doctor’s suggested Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss in Hindi

healthy recipes to lose weight
healthy recipes to lose weight

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Healthy Recipes To Lose Weight: One of the best ways to reduce body fat is to do consistent aerobic exercise, such as: B. Active walking at least 30 minutes on most days. Some people may need more physical activity to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Extra movement helps burn calories.

healthy recipes to lose weight

Ingredients used to make a healthy besan roti

Ingredients for Roti

Garam Flour 2 to 3 Cup (500 to 600 gm)
Wheat Flour1 Cup (150 to 200gm)
Salt1/2 tsp
Mustard Oil1/4 Cup
Ingredients for roti

Ingredients for Chutney

Dry Red Chilies10 to 12
Garlic Cloves8 to 9
Salt1 tsp
Cumin Seeds1 tsp
Mustard Oil1/4 Cup
Ingredients for chutney

Step By Step Guide To Make Besan Roti at home for weight loss

healthy recipes to lose weight
  1. Hey guys I’m Parveen homie today I’m

2. Sharing a protein

3. And fiber rich besan roti recipe for

4. Weight loss

5. This gluten free quick and easy roti is

6. Perfect for those with health issues

7. Like

8. Thyroid pcos and diabetes the high fiber

9. And protein will help to keep you feel

10. Fuller for a longer time

11. And thus helps in weight loss and weight

12. Management

13. This roti is made with 100 basin flour

14. Also known as chickpea flour

15. That is no wheat flour or rice flour is

16. Added

healthy recipes to lose weight

17. To make this gluten free besan roti so

18. Without wasting much time let’s get

19. Started with the recipe

20. To make besan roti or chickpea flatbread

21. Into a saucepan or a sauce pot add in

22. Half cup

23. Water turn on the flame

24. And allow the water to come to a boil

25. Once the water starts to boil add in

26. Pink himalayan salt as

27. Needed and once the water comes to a

28. Rolling boil reduce the flame to the

29. Lowest

30. And add in 1 cup of chickpea flour

31. Also known as besan

32. Give it a quick mix

33. And now turn off the flame

34. Into this add in 1 4 teaspoon freshly

35. Ground black pepper powder

36. Half teaspoon turmeric powder today I’m

37. Using bygone turmeric

38. Which has high curcumin content now when

39. You are using turmeric make sure you add

40. At least a pinch of black pepper powder

41. As

42. Black pepper helps in better absorption

4. Of the active ingredient in turmeric

44. Known as curcumin 1 4 teaspoon

45. Asafoetida

46. Also known as hing I have already shared

47. How to make

48. Asafetida powder at home please do check

49. It out

50. 1 4 teaspoon roasted jeera powder also

51. Known as cumin powder

52. Asafoetida and cumin powder helps with

53. Digestion

54. Some people may have digestive issues

55. When consuming besan

56. Adding sfh cheddar and cumin powder

57. Helps to balance

58. Digestive issues when consuming besan

59. Flour

60. And now I’m going to mix all this really

61. Well

62. Cover and let it sit for about

63. 5-10 minutes until it has cooled down

64. Slightly

65. Once lightly cooled open the lid

66. Transfer the basin into the work surface

67. And with wet hands knead this into a

68. Soft dough the dough is slightly warm at

69. This stage

70. But not very hard to handle you need to

71. Knead the dough

72. With wet hands if it is sticking to your

73. Hand

74. Just wet your fingers and then knead

75. Like i mentioned

76. Earlier those who have noticed having

77. Digestive issues when consuming besan

78. It is highly recommended that you use

79. Acefa tida and

80. Cumin powder in this roti so knead it

81. Really well

82. Until it becomes into a soft and smooth

83. Dough just like a atta dough

84. Coating the dough with a little bit of

85. Desi ghee

86. Just to prevent the dough from drying

87. Out

88. You can also add in desi ghee or any

89. Healthy fat

90. Like wood pressed oils in the dough

91. While kneading

92. I’m going to allow it to rest for about

93. Five minutes or until it has cooled down

94. Completely and once the dough has cooled

95. Down

96. I’m again kneading it a couple of times

97. And then divide the dough into equal

98. Portions

99. Before rolling out each roti you need to

100. Knead it again with wet fingers

101. Even while kneading the dough if you

102. Feel that the dough is

103. Not as soft as it should be you can add

104. In

105. Little water to help it knead into a

106. Soft

107. Dough you can also add in little desi

108. Ghee or wood pressed oil

109. While kneading it is highly important

110. That

111. You need the dough that is the dough

112. Which you have divided

113. Before rolling out each time before you

114. Roll out

115. You need to knead the dough and once the

116. Dough is rolled out

117. Lightly flatten it out with your fingers

118. Dust some

119. Basin flour on top

120. And coat it with the flour

121. Make sure that the dough is nicely

122. Coated with the flour

123. Roll it out into a thin round roti

124. And make sure it is nicely coated with

125. The basin flour

126. And once rolled out you can trim the

127. Sides

128. With a round lid

129. And my besan roti is nicely

130. Rolled out you can see how thin this

131. Roti is it’s perfectly rolled out

132. Besan roti is grain free so it’s an

133. Ideal meal

134. To include in your grain free diet so

135. Dust off excess flour

136. Heat a cast iron tawa place the roti

137. Onto the cast iron tawa

138. Reduce the flame to the lowest and once

139. You see small bubbles coming on top

140. Carefully flip it over

141. And allow that side to get cooked and

142. Then carefully flip it over

143. Again there’s a little desi ghee on top

144. If you are a vegan you can use wood

145. Pressed groundnut oil or wood pressed

146. Coconut oil flip it over desi ghee will

147. Help

148. In the assimilation of fat soluble

149. Vitamins

150. So try to include a good source of

151. Healthy fat

152. When you’re making this roti flip it

153. Over again

154. The roti has puffed up and is nicely

155. Cooked

156. Served to a plate you can enjoy this

157. Roti with

158. Any side dish or pickle of your choice

159. Repeat the same thing with the rest of

160. The dough so the dough might have

161. Dried out a little and with wet fingers

162. Knead the dough again

163. Make sure you wet your fingers and knead

164. So that the dough will be back to a

165. Smooth and

166. Soft dough

167. I personally don’t prefer to cook the

168. Roti over the gas flame

169. I prefer to cook the roti on the tawa

170. Itself

171. You can see how thin the roti is

172. And even once it has cooled down it is

173. Staying soft

174. So guys do try this recipe and let me

175. Know how it turned out

176. Thank you for watching and until next

177. Time take care

178. Bye

healthy recipes to lose weight


Finally, our besan roti is ready for serve. So, guys if you like this recipe share it with more friends and do a lot of comments for this. Again thanks a lot to visit my site.

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