benefits of honey

Ways to Eat Honey

Avocado  Shake


Health Benefits Of honey

Honey are only product which contains all the necessary ingredients to keep you alive and healthy vitamins, enzymes, minerals and water 

These are just a few of my favorite ways to eat Honey. Enjoy!


honey Shake

Honey can be very beneficial it is an excellent antioxidant which means its regular consumption will cleanse your body of various toxins. 

Prep Time: 5 Min

Cook Time: 3 Min


You will need to take one teaspoon of honey only raw and spread it on your dry and clear skin. Let it stay this way for about 15minutes

Rub your damp face with the concoction afterward rinse it all away voila nourishing cleansing exfoliating and the hydrating miracle 

Step 1

We know and love that liquid is full of about 300 ingredients that help both oily and dry skin. Some of the well known ones being vitamin B calcium zinc potassium and iron. 

Step 2


honey  Toast

Why is honey so good for your skin ?

Honey is rich in antioxidants it's antibacterial and has enzyme activity that helps make your skin glow. Here are 5 benefits of using honey on your face  

Step 1

I'm going to be showing you a DIY hair mask so a few years ago. I did a egg avocado and mayo I believe so I wanted any worked wonders for my hair. 

Step 2